Team Members: Individual

My Contribution: Competitor Analysis, High Fidelity Prototyping, Interaction Design, UI Design

Design Methods: Semi Structured Interviews, Usability Testing


Healthqik is a startup based in San Jose, California with a vision to bring healthcare online in India, thereby simplifying communication between patients and doctors.


I have worked on this project as User Experience Designer since early days of its foundation in 2016 and carried out all stages of the product design cycle.


Online healthcare applications is a new product domain in India. 2-3 very famous applications are making it big in the market but present a typical enterprise application interface and a 90s user experience.


Taking the usual approach with any project, I began exploring the scope of the project from the founders in order to lay out the design constraints.

  1. Financial constraint due to early stage of the startup with personal funding
  2. Design with focus on all the different kinds of user roles
  3. Heavy emphasis on simplifying user experience to grab the competitors' market and make UX as the selling point


It was necessary to carry out a competitor anaylsis at this stage in order to understand how current leaders in this domain are solving the problem. Analysis was done on healthcare applications in India and The US to get a broader perspective on different modules of such systems like dashboard, analytics, calendar, staff/patient profiles etc. This also helped to surface current pain points users face while using such applications.







From our initial prototypes, we carried out usaibility testing with 3 doctors. For this test, we gave them 6 specific tasks on the prototypes and mapped Success Rate and Error Rate while they performed the tasks. Sucess Rate was measured by the number of tasks successful out of the total number of tasks. Error rate was measured by the number of errors users made while carrying out the tasks that were given to them.

Tasks given:
As an Admin of your clinic,
  1. Create an appointment for a patient at 2pm on 5th March 2016 with Dr. Alicia. If she is busy at that time, book an appointment at the same time on the next day.
  2. Find out if Dr. John is available on any of the next two saturdays
  3. Compare the calendar for two doctors Alicia and Joh and find out the days they are free in the last week of March 2016
  4. Add Doctor Liz Hurley to your clinic
  5. Add information of award as the "Best Doctor of 2015" to your profile
  6. Go to Patient View. Now, search for patient Emily Drake and open her profile

Mapping Success Rate
Task No. User 1 Result User 2 Result User 3 Result
1 P P F
2 S F S
3 F S F
4 S S S
5 S S S
6 P P S
S = Success, P = Partial Success, F = Failure

Test Results

In total, 18(3x6) attempts were observed to perform the tasks. Of those attempts, 10 were successful and 4 were partially successful. Successful tasks were given one point and partial success was given half a point as users achieved the tasks with alternative methods.

Success Rate
(( 10 + 4 x 0.5)/18)*100 = 66.67%

While performing usability tests on desired tasks, more insights into improving the interfaces surfaced which then helped to improved the system even more.

  1. Availability of "Add an appointment" form did not make it easy for users to view doctors' timings at which they wanted to add an appointment. Instead, another approach of showing a form at a specific time in the calendar would improve the usability of the system.
  2. Users found it difficult to look at one doctor's timings when they could see timings of all doctors in a clinic in a given week.
  3. Users felt it tedious to switch the views on for doctors they wanted to see and views off for doctors they did not want to see at a moment in time.
  4. Users preferred global search instead of context specific search when both options are available.


Provider Sign Up Flow

Provider Dashboard View

Patient Book Appointment Flow

Patient's Medical History

Patient's Login

Illustrations for Landing Page

Patient Home Page

Providers Home Page