Team Members: Nipurn Doshi

My Contribution: Research / Ideation / UI Design / Rapid Prototyping

Design Methods: Brainstorming, Surveys, Wireframing, Prototyping


This app aims to create micro impacts by encouraging people to gift customized plants.


How do we encourage users to buy customized plants as gifts?

We brainstormed the different reasons why people will choose to gift a plant.


To understand this concept of gifting plants and validating our brainstorming outputs with that of real users, we decided to conduct a survey. Users were randomly selected between the age group of 20 to 50 and 80 responses were received. The highlights from the analysis can be summarized as below.

  • Thoughtful, personalized and creative gifts leave an impression on users
  • Users expressed keeping plants in different areas in their home and office
  • 44% of the users spend 5-30 minutes in customizing gifts
  • 74% of the users find it hard to select gifts for others
  • 51% of the users would like to gift a plant
  • 64% of the users order gifts online



Users are open to the idea of gifting plants.


Users like to spend time in customizing gifts

Shop Online

Users indicated that they often shop online for gifts


Looking at the insights, we conceptualized the overall flow of the app to keep user needs as our prime focus.


Wireframes helped a great deal to outline the overall information flow in the application.


Hi-fidelity prototype - Gift a Plant