• GoDaddy's Managed WordPress hosting product offers tools to build and host WordPress sites.

  • Besides other features, the product allows users to view theme and plugin updates available for their site(s). However, they still need to go to the standard WordPress Admin to perform the updates.

  • This results in users jumping between GoDaddy's hosting product and WP Admin to complete a task.

Initial Research

I wanted to take a broader look at the problem space and dig deeper into customers' pain points and expectations. So I conducted 10 customer interviews in order to understand their behavior and product usage. I also made sure I checked in with customer agents for feedback.



How can we improve the experience and help customers keep their sites up to date in a meaningful manner?

Success Criteria

  • Reduce time spent managing plugins and themes.
  • Reduce customer support interactions that address security breaches due to plugin/theme updates.

Current Experience

What do customers think of the existing experience?

Solution Exploration


Results showed we needed to add affordances to let users know if "Update All" would update all themes and plugins or only plugins.

Initial idea to show "Ignore", "Udpate" contextual to user selection was ambiguous to a few users. So we iterated to showing those actions in disabled states when no plugin was selected.


Check out an interactive prototype here .

  • On an average, 25% of the users click the CTA in weekly emails.
  • Currently, this feature is under A/B testing and has been released to 20% of our Managed WP customers. In 2 months, 35% have started scheduling plugins/themes for automatic updates.
  • Also, 40% of the users now update their plugins and themes weekly in Managed WordPress instead of jumping to WP Admin.